earth law.

Here on earth we are bound by laws.  Earthly laws.  Worldly.  Societal.  Economic.  Political.  Whatever origin defines these laws, they operate on the premise of sustaining the world.  Or controlling it.  For many, these laws become a chain-link fence.  A prison.  Defining success, happiness, and ultimately our lives.

Some of us are comfortable within these laws.  Some of us are wearing masks and trying to fit in.  Trying to impress.  Trying to stick to the standard.  Some of us are squeezed to the end like overused toothpaste tubes.  Whatever’s left of us, designated to the same job of cleaning or serving forever the purposes and causes that are not ours.

I am a long time abider of earth law.

And I have been for a long time… longing to offend it as well.



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