slavery for starlight.

I don’t want to forget the starlight.  But each day my attention is soaked into a digital frenzy of words, sounds, deadlines and images that I am not likely to escape again until the appropriate hour strikes and allows me to leave.

We are all chained to the intellectual work machine.  And for many of us the world is derived of disjointed, cluttered highways, unfriendly lights, and the loss of time.  Time is always being siphoned from us in exchange for the coveted resource of the United States green.

And how we become entirely possessed by the pursuit of this green.  Freedom is scarce but for the paper ticket we chase and die for.  They say the green doesn’t make you happy, but how do we live when we are slaves to how much of it we spent, telling ourselves if we could afford this, then one day we’d have the time to gaze at the starlight.

Slaving away for the hopeless dream of wishing on stars we’ll never see.